What is a MagBook?

A MagBook is a perfect-bound, magazine-sized soft back book focusing on a particular subject matter. Also known as bookazines, these titles are sold on the magazine racks and are priced between £2.49 and £9.99, with premium production values to reflect this price.

The Story So Far

Dennis Publishing entered into the MagBook business in 2004 with Evo Supercars, which was sold exclusively through WHSmith and priced at £9.99 – sales were in excess of 12,000 copies. From these small beginnings the business has grown to a seven million pound business in eleven years, increasing the number of titles and retail channels along the way. Dennis Publishing’s MagBooks not only cover topics associated with the company’s portfolio of magazines, but also subjects that explore new territories.

There are over 300 MagBook titles in the portfolio, including The Independent Guide to the iPhone 6, The Independent Guide to Ebay, The Ultimate Guide to Cycling Training and the Men’s Fitness Build a Cover Model Body. These MagBooks are available in a wide range of retailers, including WHSmith, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. They are also available as digital editions. Dennis has built a reputation for producing the highest quality MagBooks in the market, and the phenomenal growth has made Dennis the largest bookazine publisher in the world.