10 Minute Yoga Cures

RRP: £9.99

Too often, particularly in the Instagram age, yoga is judged by its external appearance. But the real value of yoga is what is happening inside. Some of the most beautiful moments on your mat can be in the simplest of postures, where a connection to your breath stills your mind and creates a kind of alchemy that suff uses you with a sense of balance and calm that lasts long after your yoga session has ended.

My wish for this book is that it helps you find a way into a deeper connection with yourself through yoga. The postures won’t just ease your symptoms, but will also help to familiarise yourself with parts of your body that you may have neglected. Because energy follows attention, by bringing your awareness to different parts of your body, you also direct healing ‘chi’ towards them.
In time, my hope is that your mat becomes your refuge, a place where you encounter and understand yourself more
fully, sensing what you need and finding the compassion to meet those needs, before any build up of stress has the chance to manifest into physical illness.
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